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Parking Lot Construction at Park District Headquarters

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The replacement of our parking lot is more than just new asphalt it is an overall improvement of our environmental impact on one of our community’s most important assets; the Little Miami River. All of the components that are being added (Rain Garden, Bio-Swales, and permeable pavers) are designed to work together to filter rain water that flows off of the parking lot at our park headquarter location. 


Elements being improved or added:

  • Rain Garden: A rain garden is a shallow depression that has deep-rooted native plants and grasses used to absorb rain water, especially during large rainfall events. These gardens are installed near runoff sources as small as a downspout or as large as a parking lot in order to capture water runoff which typically contain higher concentrations of nutrients. Storm water runoff from developed areas increases flooding potential and carries pollutants from streets, parking lots and lawns into local water sources, in this case, the scenic Little Miami River. 
  • Bio-Swale: A bio-swale is a landscape element with gently sloped sides that are designed to remove silt and pollution from surface runoff water.
  • Permeable Pavers: Permeable pavers are made with a base and subbase that allow the movement of storm water through the surface. These pavers reduce runoff and effectively trap suspended solids and filters pollutants from the water.
  • New pavement
  • Oil Interceptor and Trench Drain
  • Over 1000 native perennial plants in 12 different species
This project was financed in part through a grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, under the provisions of the Surface Water Improvement Fund.