Stargazing Across the Universe….. Distant Galaxies

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When you look up in the sky in Bellbrook on a dark night you might be able to see 2,500 stars, if there is no Moon and the weather is very clear. When we do have those conditions you can also see the Milky Way, which shows itself as a dim cloud of starlight that extends in the summertime in the northern hemisphere, from the southwest horizon to the north east horizon. That is 1 of several arms of our Milky Way spiral galaxy. We can’t see our entire barred spiral Milky Way Galaxy from our perspective in our solar system, we can only see a portion of it. All the stars we can see from Earth are mostly within 1,000 light years, still very close and completely within the area of our galaxy. With the help of telescopes at this program we will be able to look past the stars in our night sky and across empty space to stars 2.5 million light years away, called the Andromeda galaxy. S’mores and hot chocolate will be available inside the park district Headquarters to help you keep warm. Feel free to bring your telescope or binoculars if you have them to learn more about the sky. This program will be cancelled during inclement weather/cloudy skies.


Ages: For All Ages (children must be with an adult)
Cost: Free event
Location: Park District Headquarters


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