What Is A Park District

In Ohio, park districts are created by citizens to preserve open space, protect natural areas, and provide recreation and learning. The Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Park District was created in 1972 by local residents with the foresight to realize that areas must be set aside as parks, while the community was developed with homes and businesses.  The majority of funding for the Park District comes from levies supplied by the residents of Bellbrook and Sugarcreek Township.  Natural areas, scenic parks, and quality programs help make our community a special place to live.  Continued local support, cooperation with other agencies, and great volunteers enable the Park District to meet the park and outdoor recreation demands of current and future generations.

Open Space

A unique opportunity exists to acquire and preserve open space in our rapidly developing community. Providing open space is critical to enhance the quality of living and, equally as important, the economic vitality and revitalization of this region. It has been said that there are no great communities without a great system of parks and open spaces. The Bellbrook- Sugarcreek Park District is committed to the preservation of open space.