Public Records

Public Record Policy

Any person may request to inspect or obtain copies of public records from the Bellbrook Sugarcreek Park District by making a public records request to the park district. Records of the park district that are not exempt from disclosure under the law are available for inspection and copying in accordance with the Ohio Public Records Act.

You may view the records you have requested at all reasonable times during the regular business hours of our office. If you wish to view public records at our office, we will promptly make them available to you. If you wish to receive copies of records, we will provide them within a reasonable period of time. "Prompt" and "reasonable" consider the volume of records requested; the proximity of the location where the records are stored; and the necessity for any legal review of the records requested.

Once we have received your request, we will provide our response or acknowledge your request consistent with the way the request was received.

If any portion of your request for records must be denied because the records are exempt from disclosure under the law, we will inform you which records you have requested are not public by clearly marking the portion "redacted" or we will explain which portions of the record(s) have been redacted.

Please note that if we have denied your request because it is overbroad, ambiguous, or doesn't reasonably identify our records, we will provide you with information about how our records are maintained, and if you wish, you may revise your request for the records. In processing the request, there is no obligation to create new records or perform a search or research for information in the office’s records. An electronic record is deemed to exist so long as a computer is already programmed to produce the record through the office’s standard use of sorting, filtering, or querying features. Although not required by law, the office will consider generating new records when it makes sense and is practical under the circumstances.

A fee for copies of public records will be charged which covers the direct costs of duplication incurred by the park district; currently this fee is $.10 per page. In addition, actual costs of postage or other delivery may be charged. We may require payment of these fees prior to processing your request. 

To assist in making public record requests, you may utilize our Public Records Request Form:

Public Records Request Form


Please forward all requests, forms, or questions to:

Jeff Stewart, Executive Director

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