Athletic Field Policies

Athletic League Residency Policy

The Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Park District is dedicated to serving the athletic and sports needs of the City of Bellbrook and Sugarcreek Township residents.  This policy encompasses all recognized athletic leagues as well as independent teams and organizations as determined by the Park District. Current recognized organizations that have demonstrated the capacity to meet Park District residency requirements are as follows:

  • Bellbrook Wee Eagles Basketball 
  • Bellbrook Wee Eagles Football
  • Bellbrook Lion’s Club Baseball/Softball 
  • FC Bellbrook
  • Bellbrook Soccer Association 
  • Bellbrook T-Ball Association
  • Sugarcreek Local Schools
  • Bellbrook Lacrosse

Due to the limited number of fields available, the Park District has established a priority schedule.  Allocation of Park District fields will follow the terms set forth in this policy as sustainability allows. The Park District has exclusive discretion in decisions on scheduling of Park District fields and such decision shall be final. 

To qualify for resident status, a minimum of 51% of the participants registered on the team and must reside within the City of Bellbrook or Sugarcreek Township AND a minimum of 75% of the organization’s registrants must reside within the City of Bellbrook or Sugarcreek Township.

An exception is made for high school age teams that are a member of one of the Park Districts recognized youth athletic leagues. This is due to restrictions set forth by the Ohio High School Athletic Association.  Teams that fall into this category will be required to meet a residency rate of 20%.  This OHSAA bylaw is not in effect June 1- July 31.

Coaches and/or organizations will submit team rosters to the Park District complete with team name and number, coach’s name and contact information, and players last name and address.  Rosters must be received before field space will be granted to any organization or team. Teams not meeting this established policy and/or found to be falsifying information will be denied field space.  New teams, leagues or organizations may petition the Park District for recognition by submitting complete rosters and administration contact information.

General Regulations for Field Use

  • Submit a certificate of insurance in an amount of not less than $1,000,000 naming the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Park District as an additional insured.
  • Sign a hold harmless agreement which will remain on file with the Park District.
  • Pay prior to use, when applicable for usage fees and deposits.
  • No subleasing of Park District fields is allowed under any circumstance. 
  • Field users are required to observe all Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Park District Regulations and Field Use Policies.
  • Field use is limited to the times and dates indicated on the permit/contract and any changes are subject to availability and approval by the Park District.
  • Any user failing to comply with established guidelines and notification request are subject to pay for all damages occurring to the Park District’s fields and the termination of the permit/contract.
  • Organizations are not to approve use of park space to any team that is not a participating member of their organization.  Requests for such use are to be directed to the Park District.