Athletic Field Policies

Athletic League Field Use & Residency Policy

Purpose and Background

This policy is intended to guide the Bellbrook Sugarcreek Park District in decision-making with regards to athletic fields within the parks. Further, this policy protects Bellbrook and Sugarcreek Township taxpayers with a fair and equitable system to require nonresident participants of sport teams and organizations to pay a nominal fee towards the care and maintenance of the fields.

This policy recognizes the symbiotic relationship between the community’s youth sport organizations and the Park District. These organizations provide a valuable community recreation opportunity with a mostly volunteer workforce. By doing so, the organizations alleviate the need for residents’ taxes to be channeled to the administration of youth sports. The community as a whole contributes tax revenues to build and maintain sport fields for all. “Recognized Organizations” receive higher priority for use and scheduling in exchange for the recreation service they provide to the community.

Use of all fields will be influenced and guided by the Park Administration’s commitment to maintaining a high standard of playability and safety.

It is the intent of this policy, that revenues collected from any fees charged for sport field use, will be re-directed into the care, maintenance, renovation and improvement of sport fields.


  • Resident: A resident is classified as residing inside the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Township Park boundaries, or within the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek School District boundaries.
  • Non- Resident: A participant not residing inside the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Park District boundaries, or within the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek School District boundaries.
  • Field Use Capacity: Fields may be used up to their capacity, with capacity defined as, “Maximum use without lowering the quality or safety of the playing surface.”
  • Park Administration: Bellbrook- Sugarcreek Park District

Priority Use and Scheduling

Only one recognized organization will be designated and approved per sport (soccer, baseball, youth lacrosse, etc.). If scheduling conflicts arise among the recognized organizations, priority will be given to the group with the highest Bellbrook/Sugarcreek Township residency percentage.

At the time of Park Administration approval of the Athletic Field Use Policy, the approved recognized organizations are as follows:

  • Bellbrook Wee Eagles:  Football Association, Youth Lacrosse and Cheer
  • Bellbrook Lion’s Club:  Baseball League, Softball League, and T-Ball League
  • Bellbrook Soccer Association:  Recreational and Competitive Soccer

While the listed groups maintain their recognized organization status, other groups of the same or similar purpose will not be eligible for recognized organization status. Conversely, should a recognized organization lose its status, another group with the same or similar purpose may be evaluated for recognized organization status.

If groups, athletic teams, clubs and the like do not wish to apply for recognized organization status, they shall be considered “independent” for the purpose of scheduling athletic fields and will be subject to applicable fees.

Requirements of Recognized Organizations

In order for a new organization to receive initial consideration, Park Administration must determine if necessary, field space is available to accommodate the organization, and a vacancy in the sport/activity must exist or be imminent.

New organizations seeking Recognized Organization status must complete the requirements below in their first year of scheduled field use.

  1. Support and abide by all Park Administration rules, regulations, and policies.
  2. Submit all paperwork by Park Administration deadlines – contracts, waivers, approved residential rosters, proof of insurance, etc.
  3. Require and conduct annual criminal background checks for all coaches and Board members.
  4. Provide documentation to verify non-profit status.

Priority for scheduling field use

  1. Bellbrook Sugarcreek Park District
  2. Recognized Organizations
  3. Bellbrook Sugarcreek Schools
  4. Independent teams with greater than or equal to 51% residents

In recognition of the community service they provide and the cost-savings to the general, tax-paying public, Recognized Organizations are not charged for their typical field use. These organizations only contribute a nominal equity fee from nonresidents to balance the financial contribution of the Bellbrook and Sugarcreek Township taxpayers.

Relating specifically to recognized organizations, non-resident fees will not be applied to high school age participants when OHSAA rules apply, limiting the number of players from Bellbrook High School on a team.

Fee schedule

Recognized organization:

  • Resident: free
  • Nonresident: $10 per participant per season (not assessed for coaches, leaders, group volunteers or staff)

Independent with greater than or equal to 51% residents:

  • $50 per team, per use (practice or games)
  • $500 per team, per season (maximum)

Any organization that fails to pay their facility usage balance will not be permitted to apply for further usage of any grounds or facilities until balance is paid in full.

The Park Administration reserves the right to review and modify the fees at any time. 


All groups requesting use of Park District fields will submit the following documents prior to the season beginning, at the agreed upon deadline between the Park District and the group


  • Athletic Field Use Contract with requested schedule
  • Indemnification & Release Form
  • A valid ‘Certificate of Insurance’ and Declarations Page with the Bellbrook Sugarcreek Park District, its employees, agents and officers as additional insured. Each policy shall carry no less than one million dollars personal liability and property damage liability in their policies.
  • Any changes to the fields requested at the athletic meeting.
  • Any fees (checks payable to Bellbrook Sugarcreek Park District)

Failure to provide the requested above information within the required time may result in the organization being denied access to the field or facility until all requirements are met.

Field Use Requirements

  • Maintenance of facilities, field preparation needs, and special requests must be submitted in writing to the Park District Athletic Coordinators at least one week in advance. Although the Park District will do its best to accommodate the request there are no guarantees that it will be completed within that timeframe.  
  • Cooperation with the Park District is expected at all times. This includes altering schedules by the User Groups if necessary, to accommodate field maintenance or other needs.
  • Field User Groups may not loan or sublet to any other organization or individual any of the privileges or services provided by the Park District.
  • Each athletic team representative will have the authority and duty to cancel or restrict activities on any or all fields due to field conditions (weather, lightning, rain, etc.). Park Administration has the authority to supersede any decision of the designated athletic representative.
  • All Park District scheduled field closures must be adhered to by all User Groups. Failure to do so may result in the loss of field use.
  • An organization conducting an activity on Park District fields must provide adequate insurance to the Park District prior to the start of the activity. All groups must provide a certificate of insurance naming Bellbrook Sugarcreek Park District, its employees, agents and officers as an additional insured.
  • Each User Group is limited to conducting only the activities specified in their Athletic Field Use Contract. Examples of activities that will not be permitted without prior approval include clinics, conditioning camps, tournaments, off season use, or any unauthorized use.
  •     All equipment relative to the activities or events of the organization must be removed from the park at the termination of the activity or season
  • Soccer goals are not to be moved once secured under any circumstances.
  •     Unauthorized use of field space not specified in User Groups original contact may result in termination of field use privileges.
  • User Groups are responsible for informing their participants using the facility of all of the rules and are responsible for enforcement of these rules.
  • User Groups are responsible for removing trash and debris from the fields.
  • Vehicles are restricted to designated parking areas only.


Download Field Use Policy & Contract