Brookview Reserve

Brookview Reserve (2480 Periwinkle Drive) is just over 13 acres and was the previous site of the beloved neighborhood swim club, Brookview. In 2019, as the cost to maintain the swim club grew and repairs became too much, the difficult decision was made to close the pool and the Board of Directors for the private swim club felt it was in the best interest of the community to preserve the land.

The Bellbrook Sugarcreek Park District was fortunate to receive a Clean Ohio grant to fund the acquisition and necessary activities to make the area accessible as public parkland. Clean Ohio grants have also been used by the Park District to acquire Morris Reserve, Keiter Reserve, Bieser Reserve and Fecher Reserve. These funds are administered by the State of Ohio's Public Works Commission and can only be used to acquire and improve land for passive recreation. Following the existing topography and subsequent water flow of the area, a small pond and prairie were established.

Eventually, Brookview Reserve will become a great access point to Sugarcreek Reserve but in the meantime the prairie loop and small pond make for an excellent evening stroll.