Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight:  Heather Ficke, Program Manager


Program Manager, Heather Ficke, just celebrated 4 years with the Park District! Heather graduated Hocking College and then spent several years in southern Ohio as a Park Naturalist. Once she moved to the area, she was immediately drawn to our park’s mission of preserving beauty and enriching life.

Heather’s passion for parks and education of the natural world is contagious at every program she leads. She is always looking to bring new and innovative ideas to our programs while keeping past traditions alive. Heather’s innovation even led us to build the council ring at Morris Reserve! The council ring perfectly represents Heather’s favorite things about working in the parks – bringing people together in nature. She loves getting to witness the magical first time someone holds a snake or ID’s a plant. Speaking of snakes, next time you see Heather at a program, ask her about her favorite animal!